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March, 11th 2016
Press Release Club Bali Kota Bunga – Landslide (act of nature)

Jakarta, Indonesia
Club Bali Suites @ Kota Bunga, Puncak on Wednesday, March 09th 2016 about 12.30 AM got hit by a landslide that crushed the second floor of the hotel building and impacted the lobby and rooms in the first floor, this sudden act of nature is destroying the hotel room 124 and room 125 which had a few staying guest inside. “Yesterday March 10th 2016, 12.00 PM the evacuation process that was run since Wednesday by the hotel, society, BPBD officers, TNI/Polri and Damkar ends by evacuating the body of the last three victims, we ask for prayer and support from all media and the whole society for the victims of this unfortunate event.” Said Public Relations Manager Club Bali Hotels & Resorts, Rinaldy Allysan, Friday (03/11/2016).
It is also said by Mrs. Uni Kartini as spokesperson from the management of Club Bali Hotels & Resorts that the management will give its continuous active participation towards the post disaster situation, that in these times ahead any small contribution will means a lot.
Regarding the natural disaster, Club Bali Suites @ kota Bunga, Puncak is closed and will not be operating until further notice.

Public Relations Contact: Mr. Rinaldy Allysan – Phone +62217506708 – Mobile