Cool Face Mask becomes an overdesigned headache

Watching his wife try to use a cold face mask to get over the pain of a migraine, [Sparks and Code] He began to think of ways to improve the situation. Her desire to save her from these debilitating bouts of pain of hers led him to make a mask that she actively cooled while she created her own self the headache of an oversized disaster.

The empty spaces inside the printed mask are filled with cold water.

Instead of having to put the mask in the refrigerator to cool down, [Sparks and Code] he wanted to build a mask through which cold water could circulate. With a large enough ice-filled reservoir, he figured the mask should be able to stay at a soothing temperature for hours, reducing the need for trips to the fridge.

[Sparks and Code] he began by using photogrammetry to obtain a 3D model of his wife’s face. The lack of a compatible computer and CUDA-enabled GPU meant using Google Cloud to do the heavy lifting. When they started making the mask, things got complicated. And then came the unnecessary electronics. Then the overly complicated and completely unnecessary instrumentation. Theā€¦ genetic algorithms? Yes. Those too.

We won’t spoil the ending, but suffice it to say, [Sparks and Code] learned a cold, hard lesson: the simpler, the better! On the other hand, sometimes being too complicated is kind of the point, like in this overly complex gumball machine.

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