Kevin Spacey forced to pay $30 million to ‘House of Cards’ producers

A judge on Thursday ordered Kevin Spacey to pay more than $30 million to the producers of “House of Cards” for losses stemming from the actor’s 2017 firing over allegations of sexual harassment by crew members.

A petition filed in November said MRC, the studio behind the Netflix-distributed series, had fired Spacey from his lead role after a months-long investigation into claims he had directed a “pattern of ‘predatory’ sexual behavior” toward young crew members. . The accusations followed others shared publicly by actor Anthony Rapp in October 2017. Spacey was written out of the final season of “House of Cards,” which ended in 2018.

According to court documents, a private arbitrator found in October 2020 that Spacey’s behavior violated his acting and executive producing contracts. It was ordered to pay MRC and others more than $30 million in compensatory damages and other fees. Spacey appealed the decision, but was ultimately unsuccessful, as another panel of arbitrators affirmed the original $30 million prize in November 2021.

In Thursday’s ruling, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana gave legal weight to the arbitration award, saying that Spacey and his lawyers had not “proved that this is even a closed case.”

“We are pleased with the court’s ruling,” Michael Kump, an attorney for MRC, said in a statement. Spacey’s representatives have not responded to a Washington Post request for comment on the decision.

Spacey has faced dozens of sexual assault allegations since 2017, some of which have resulted in legal action. In May, the UK Crown Prosecution Service authorized sexual assault charges against him for incidents that allegedly took place between 2005 and 2013, when he was artistic director of the Old Vic theater in London. He has denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty to all five charges in July.

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