More than 1,400 US flights canceled on Friday

According to flight tracking website FlightAware, more than 1,400 flights scheduled for Friday within, into or out of the US have been canceled.

Along with 1,482 cancellations, airlines had more than 7,000 delays Friday in, to or out of the US.

Among US airlines, American Airlines had the most cancellations with 263, while Southwest was second with 193 cancellations.

Airlines have been struggling this summer with persistent cancellations and delays that have left customers and lawmakers frustrated.

Earlier this week, Democrats introduced the Flight Cancellation Cash Refunds Act amid flight disruptions.

The measure would require airlines to give customers cash refunds if their flights are canceled within 48 hours of scheduled departure time.

“Enough is enough: Travelers are sick of wasting valuable time fighting airlines to receive legally required cash refunds,” Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said in a statement. “And they are tired of booking flights months in advance, only to face a health scare that forces them to choose between canceling a non-refundable flight or traveling and risking the health of their fellow travelers.”

The flight cancellations and delays come as the airline industry has seen an uptick from earlier in the pandemic, with more people flying again as restrictions and pandemic fears ease in the US. USA

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