The Lakers talked to the Knicks and Jazz about a possible three-team trade

the Lakers talked to him Jazz Y knicks a few weeks ago about a hypothetical three-team trade scenario that would see donovan mitchell land in New York, with russell westbrook going to Utah, league sources tell Michael Scotto of HoopsHype.

As Scotto explains, the proposed deal would involve at least two Jazz players (likely a combination of Bojan Bogdanović, patrick beverley, jordan clarksonY Malik Beasley) going to Los Angeles, while the Knicks would send players to both teams in order to match salaries. New York would need to negotiate at least $24.2 million in outgoing salaries to match Mitchell’s $30.35 million salary cap.

The Jazz, who would buy Westbrook if they acquired him, according to Scotto, would receive significant draft compensation from both the Lakers and Knicks for trading Mitchell and taking on Westbrook’s salary of more than $47 million.

According to Scotto, the Lakers have been interested in the Knicks forward reddish cam in the past. Additionally, New York previously expressed interest in Beasley and now employs gerson roses, who acquired and re-signed Beasley when he was working in the Timberwolves’ front office. So if all three teams could come to an agreement, it would be worth keeping an eye on whether the Lakers could get Reddish or the Knicks could get Beasley.

However, it seems like it’s probably a long shot that the Jazz, Lakers and Knicks could work out a deal.

Utah, of course, wants a substantial haul for Mitchell, having asked the Knicks for three players and six draft picks last month. And the teams that have talked to Los Angeles about Westbrook are believed to be seeking the Lakers’ first-round picks for 2027 and 2029 (with as little protection as possible) to accommodate the salary dump. According to multiple reports, LA has so far been resistant to attaching more than one first-round pick to Westbrook in any proposed trade.

For the Lakers, Jazz and Knicks to come to an agreement, they would have to find common ground in the price tags of both Mitchells. Y Westbrook, which is going to be extremely challenging.

It is unclear from Scotto’s report whether the three clubs are still actively exploring this scenario or how viable they consider it to be.

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