The left says yes to covid lockdown, no to stopping gay orgies

Like many people, too many, I lost a loved one to Covid-19. My grandmother came to visit her family a few weeks before she got sick, she was there to show off her new husband, her fifth, who had outlived the others. She was cheerful, sassy and the happiest he had ever seen her. She greeted my husband and me with a wide smile and an enthusiastic hug. At 80 years old, she had never let anything stop her, but she never anticipated the power of government.

When she and her husband tested positive, they separated. She spent the next week alone, isolated from her family. Covid regulations kept her locked in a room, scared and crying to see her family for the last time. She died before she was allowed a chance. Other Covid regulations prevented us from holding a funeral for her. She had started by making him a quilt, but I couldn’t finish in time. All she could think of was all those photos of old couples separated by plastic walls, just wanting to hold each other.

Yet for two years, we were all told that these cultural and family traditions were selfish and dangerous. As Paul Krugman smugly lectured in the New York Times in 2020: “What they call ‘freedom’ is really absence of responsibility. However, rational politics in a pandemic is about taking responsibility. The main reason why you shouldn’t go to a bar and wear a mask isn’t self-protection, though that’s part of it; the point is that congregating in noisy, crowded spaces or exhaling droplets into shared air puts others at risk. And that’s the kind of thing that the right wing in America just hates, hates to hear.”

Joel Mathis of The Week, quoting an unnamed woman who responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., demanding that people stay home, “‘I’ll do what I want,’ that could end up killing people.” He continued, “Your conception that ‘America’ means to do whatever you want, even if you risk harming your neighbors. She is not the only one who believes that the idea that animates this country is a kind of freedom from any responsibility towards our fellow citizens”.

After so much emphasis on the importance of personal sacrifice for the greater good, one would think that a new highly contagious disease would be treated more seriously by the left. Instead, when monkeypox crossed America’s shores, the left decided the rules no longer applied to them. Similar to how 1,000 health professionals demanded that Black Lives Matter protests were worth the risk during the height of Covid, LGBT people decided that anonymous sex and fetish parades were more important than public safety.

California State Senator Scott Wiener, best known for reducing the criminal penalty for knowingly exposing others to HIV and advocating preventing 24-year-old adults from being listed as sex offenders if they sexually exploit a minor of 14 years. declared, “A lot of sexual shaming of gay men around monkeypox. The same shame that we saw in the 1980s regarding HIV. Lecturing people not to have sex is not a public health strategy. It didn’t stop HIV, it made it worse, and it won’t stop monkeypox. What will work is vaccination, testing and education.”

Encouraging his fellow citizens in San Francisco to ignore the consequences of public sexual exploits, happily proclaimed, “Awesome guidance from @SFAIDSFound on monkeypox and fun. We can still have fun while reducing risk. Closing bathhouses in the 1980s did not reduce HIV. It was an epic mistake and it pushed people into the shadows. Let’s not make the same instinctive mistake with MPX.”

Jack Turban, an assistant professor of child psychiatry at UC San Francisco, insisted, “Monkeypox has serious physical symptoms, but we also need to focus on the mental health impact of the #queer community. Being gay is a healthy and normal aspect of human diversity. Sex is a healthy and normal part of life. Be proud of your community as we fight the virus.” Unfortunately, too many gay men seem intent on keeping their self-esteem intact by prioritizing “fun.”

As Daily Caller reported, a popular OnlyFans user, with 98,000 followers on his adult Twitter, put into perspective just how far this can all go. Amid a growing outbreak of monkeypox in the gay male community, he decided to attend two orgies in one weekend, become sexually involved with at least 20 and more than 40 men, hook up with three other strangers later that night, and enjoy himself. of four. -way the next day before discovering that he had been infected with the disease. If that sounds like an extreme example, consider that the festival promoted by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation was described as “Up Your Alley (also known as Dore Alley), where it will be filled with hot furry daddies, hungry pigs, BDSM babes and kinks of all kinds. Douchie has some helpful tips for a fun, dirty, anxiety-free weekend.”

Without an ounce of self-awareness, Senator Wiener panting on August 1, “The monkeypox outbreak is an emergency and we need to use all the tools we have to control it. I am deeply grateful to @GavinNewsom for recognizing the danger we face and therefore declaring a state of emergency. This will help expand vaccination, testing, and other critical health strategies.” The New England Journal of Medicine determined that 98 percent of the cases were gay and bisexual men. The World Health Organization has urged gay and bisexual men to limit sexual partners to tackle the rapid spread.

Despite previous reports that 95 percent of cases have been caused by sexual activity, LGBT people have moved on from demanding that the disease not be a “gay disease” and complaining about stigma and homophobia to complain indignantly that the government has not specifically protected gay people. due to intolerance. CNN quoted Samuel Garrett-Pate of Equality California, demanding, “We faced outbreaks that turned into crises that turned into epidemics and pandemics that have disproportionately affected our community in the past, and unfortunately, in the past, the entities of public health beginning with the CDC and FDA have not moved fast enough or given these outbreaks and public health crises the urgency they demand.”

During the Covid pandemic, everyone was expected to shut down their lives, at great sacrifice to their families and careers, to lock down, stay indoors and wear masks. Police raided Orthodox Jewish homes to stop services and arrested pastors for holding religious services, funerals were not allowed, and the media, especially LGBT media, mocked people for dying of covid. People were accused of being murderers and dangerous to society, and Wiener himself rebuked members of Congress for not wearing masks.

However, the most basic expectations of self-control and personal responsibility have been deemed intolerable homophobic intolerance. Unfortunately, this two-tier system could have serious consequences far beyond its spread among gay male populations. As the CDC notes, monkeypox spreads through direct skin-to-skin contact and the exchange of bodily fluids, but also through dirty clothing and fluids from open sores left on surfaces. As gay men spread the virus within their population at an astonishing rate, the chances are increasing that it will escape into the mundane world through close contact in stores, crowded streets, or buses.

We shut down the world for a virus that had no traceable transmission, it was completely random. It’s really not too much to ask that gay men stop participating in orgies and public sex events for their “mental health,” their “self-esteem,” and to continue “having fun.” This time, truly selfish behavior is endangering the rest of us, and we shouldn’t be ashamed to speak out against it.

Chad Felix Greene is a senior contributor to The Federalist. He is the author of the series “Reasonably Gay: Essays and Arguments” and is a social writer who focuses on truth in the media, conservative ideas and goals, and true equality under the law. You can follow him on Twitter @chadfelixg.

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