Toyota to buy back its recalled bZ4X EV

Toyota recalled the bZ4X in June over concerns that the electric crossover’s wheels could fall off at speed, and now it’s taking extra steps to satisfy upset customers and keep the vehicles off the road. Electrek has learned (and Engadget confirmed) that Toyota’s US branch is offering to buy back the bZ4X. Terms will vary based on your state and “particular circumstances,” according to a letter to customers.

The automaker outlined compensation for those who still want the EV. You can continue to drive a loaner vehicle at no cost, complete with free temporary car fuel and storage space for the bZ4X. You’ll also get a $5,000 credit toward your loan, lease, or full purchase price. There will also be extensions to your warranty and free EVgo charging time.

Toyota is offering the buybacks and other benefits “until a remedy is available.” The recall also covers pre-orders for Subaru’s sister model, the Solterra, though that SUV has yet to reach US buyers.

There is no mention of when or how Toyota will fix the bZ4X wheel failure. That makes the situation difficult for homeowners. Buying back gives them the chance to buy another vehicle instead of waiting indefinitely for a fix, but the auto industry’s supply shortages could leave them waiting months for a replacement or settling for a less-than-ideal alternative.

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